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Our mission is to leverage our experience in the securities and financial derivatives industry to provide custom excel- and web-based analytics for valuation, stress-testing and scenario analysis.

Key projects:

  1. Bespoke interest rate analytics library for a key European institution. The library handles first and second generation single and multi-currency swaps and options, including CMS and quanto swaps, Bermudan swaptions and exotic swaps.
  2. Bespoke energy and base metals analytics library for a major European bank. Handles swaps and options on crude and refined products as well as power, gas and other asset classes. Handles base metals as well.
  3. Custom equity index options analytics library for a US hedge fund. Uses stochastic volatility models to risk manage spread and condor strategies.
  4. Hedge fund replication for a large Asian insurer. Generates a portfolio of ETFs using factor analysis to replicate hedge fund returns. Also produces a risk indicator to predict turning points - serves as a basis to discuss portfolio positioning with the fund managers.
  5. Economic scenario generator for a European insurer. Generates correlated scenarios across several asset classes (interest rates, inflation, equity and FX) for valuation and risk management of annuity and other products.

For more information or to request a demo please contact admin@intuitivetrade.net

Registered as a private limited company in England.
Company number: 7472374. VAT number: 172 4168 12